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The little village “Ovsyanka”

Ясинская Анна Владимировна
Учитель английского языка МОУ ДОД ЦДОД «Пионер»
Красноярского края г. Уяра

Modern literature is rich by its favorite names, but the name of Victor Petrovich Astafyev is the dearest for us. A great number of now days readers, adults and children are
interested in his works, they read them from cover to. Many performances, ballets, films pictures are made. It is difficult to find a language, his works are not translated into it. His fate has landed him far from his motherland but he tries to visit it every year. Our Astafyev has lived in Perm, Vologda. One day he hasn’t sustained and has returned to create and to die to his native Siberia. Victor Petrovich has built a house in front of his great-mother’s in the little village “Ovsyanka”. He has taken to his heart everything what is happened with it and others. He has thought about its future. He hasn’t been an abstract well known writer in the world, he has been their simplest, usual neighbour. There is the writer’s house in the narrow Shchetinkin street, he has lived there from 1980 up to 2001. We have visited the house and see that it is a very modest, nice one. There is a little study, one nice room and a little kitchen garden. Dishes, spoons, knives are made of aluminium. Victor Petrovich has written “A Sorrow Bow”, many stories,” Funny Soldier,” “Oberton,” “I Want To Live So Much,” “Damn And Killed.” In general he has written 373 works. His biography has been reflected in his creative work: “I Was Born In The Village House Under The Lamp Light. My Grandmother Has Told Me About It.”


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