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Kemerovo, enjoy skiing or snowboarding

Синицина Виктория Викторовна
МБНОУ «Лицей»
Ученица 10 «а» класса

Kemerovo region is situated in the southeast of the Western-Siberian economic region and occupies northern spurs of the Altay range – Kuznetskiy Ala Tau, the Salairsky range and Gornaya Shorija. So it’s not surprising, that almost everyone is fond of skiing or snowboarding. And most of them prefer Gornaya Shorija, because of its amount of traces, from traces for professionals to traces for beginners. If you go there, you shouldn’t worry about a spending a good time, because all is created for this purpose. Gornaya Shorija is situated not far from the capital of Kuzbass - Kemerovo; it is about four hours by car. But for some reasons, not everyone could go there easily.
In this case, I want to recommend you a skiing complex "Ljuskus". One of the main advantages of this complex is its location in the city’s boundary that does possibility of employment by winter sports much closer and better. The greatest thing for me is that I can go there on any of the days off, or in the evening after studies and it is possible to make a ten-minute walk from any district of the city, and find you on the real mountain-skiing slope where it is possible to spend a free time pleasantly in a friendly company. The mountain-skiing line equipped with the lift, if you don't have special stock you can easily use a hire.
You will receive lots of impressions of one the most beautiful landscapes on the top of the mountain


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