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The Eye of Sauron or The Artist’s All-Seeing Eye?

Тютнева Дарья Владимировна
МБНОУ «Городской Классический Лицей»

Работа посвящена одному из самых интересных зданий города – Дому Художника

A sharp spire piercing the sky like a needle and a fanciful eye-shaped window in the base of it – these are the features which the House of Artist of Kemerovo used to be proud of. This weird work of local architecture was nicknamed by the citizens as The Eye of Sauron. There’s no surprise: the bright and impressive image from Tolkien’s trilogy had firmly imprinted itself in people’s minds. Some of them, especially superstitious ones, even discovered occult references in the construction of the window.
Anyway, this peculiarity used to add more diversity to the mass of buildings of Kemerovo and marked the House of Artist out as an abode of arts. However, it was the very purpose of Alexei Khmelevskoy – a famous architect of Kuzbass. It was he who worked on the building’s project. Unfortunately, we could never ask the master about the symbolism of his creation as Alexei Khmelevskoy tragically died in 2008. His fellow colleagues deny mysterious underlying message of the unusual architectural solution, so, the most common explanation is that the eye-shaped window symbolizes the artist’s look that goes deeper and father than ordinary people’s does.
A couple of years ago the window was stopped up and the eye closed forever. Moreover, the spire was cut and the enigmatic symbol disappeared. Firstly there were rumours that it was done due to the increased number of accidents in front of the House of Artist. In fact everything turned out far more prosaic: the engineers became concerned about the solidity of the complicated construction of the building and decided to dismantle it. Nevertheless, the House of Artist is remembered as one of the most interesting and unusual places of Kemerovo and its history, full of mystery is passed by word of mouth.


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