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The Volzhskiy`s history

Каёнышева Юлия Григорьевна
Г.Волжский, школа №14

Hello! My name is Julia. I am 16 years old. I study at school №14. I have already been living in Volzhskiy for 16 years. So, I decided to tell you about Volzhskiy`s history.

In XVII century there was a village that named Bezrodnoe in Volzhskiy territory. By 1917, 20 thousand people have lived in the village. During Stalingradsky fight it has been almost destroyed.
The reason for the basis a new village was the building Stalingrad hydroelectric power station. F.G.Loginov was appointed the chief of building organization that carrying out the building. Also it is considered that F.G.Loginov is the founder of the city. About 20000 prisoners of Ahtubinsky labor camp worked on construction of Stalingrad hydroelectric power station. Prisoners were involved on building the living homes, the monuments, the plumbing and the sanitary.
Volzhskiy was registered in 1952 as the village. At that time there were around 10 thousand people. In June 1952, the first department store was opened. The village Volzhskiy has been transformed to the city Volzhskiy in connection with construction of Volzhskiy hydroelectric power station in the 22nd of July in 1954. This date is annually celebrated by natives of Volzhskiy region as the City Day. At that time 30 thousand people lived in the city.
For the short time, the former village has become the real city. The large quantity of bushes and plants were lent. Repeatedly Volzhskiy has been officially recognized by the most well-planned city of Russia. Now Volzhskiy is one of the greenest cities in Russia.


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