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Volgograd is my city.

Трегубов Влад.
Обучающийся 7 (кадетского) класса
МОУ СОШ № 95 Краснооктябрьского района.
Учитель: Баринова Елена Владимировна

I am very fond of Volgograd. It is a beautiful and modern city. It is surrounded by a great number of green parks and wide avenues. You can not only enjoy the beauty, but also to relax and have fun in these parks. You can enjoy the brightness of the flower beds in different parks and squares every day.
In my city there are lot of interesting places which I have already visited with my classmates and my parents. For example, Mamaev Hill. Need I tell you what Mamaev Hill is? No words can convey those feeling that you experience visiting this place. There are thousands of photos and descriptions of Mamaev Hill, but they can’t pass even one hundredth of impressions. Mamaev Hill is a huge common grave. The greatest monument-ensemble was created there. It was designed to immortalize the memory of the terrible battle during the Great Patriotic War. On the top of the Hill there is one of the highest statues in the world. But it’s not a monument to human genius, it’s a monument to human will, courage, bravery and devotion to the Motherland. 200 steps to the number of days and nights of the Stalingrad battle separate the top of the Hill from the foot. When you go up on the first stage and you see the beautiful view of the statue on the top of the hill, you take your breath away, you have heart aches, and tears are willing up in your eyes. The Motherland Statue is the symbol of Volgograd. This statue is well-known all over the world. It calls for struggle and gives courage. And only then you realize all the brilliant idea of this grandiose monument. Mamaev Hill is a connection with history, a tangible bridge between the past and the present.
Volgograd is a hero-city, the city of huge losses and pride of Russian people. I am also proud of my city and I love it very much. I am proud that I was born there and I am living now in this beautiful city.


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