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The legend about Takhtamygda

Шаркова Валентина Юрьевна Ученица 10 класса
МБОУ СОШ с. Тахтамыгда им. Н.К. Магницкого
Учитель английского языка Ушмаева Наталья Владимировна

Our settlement is situated in the Far East and has unusual name «Takhtamygda». Таkhtamygda means «a dangerous place» from Orochon language. There is an interesting legend about the origin of the name of our settlement: «There were wonderful places there. The Оl’doy was a fishing river. Every spring jambs of hariuses were rolled on it, in summer huge taimens swam in cold streams. They were so huge that it was impossible to lift any of them. In the lakes there were lots of crucians, lenocks and fat nalims! Many wild animals were in Taiga. Timid and graceful goats were grazing on the meadows. The bear, had eaten on berries, was stacking on hibernation. There were many squirrels and hares, a predatory sable sometimes came, wolves were barking at night. And what a beautiful nature was there! Labrador tea began to blossom first, its flowers painted hills in lilac color, then a bird cherry bathed its white flowers in water, then the modest lily of the valley, magnificent irises and ogon’ki were in blossom. The trouble came from the Amur. Plague or Black Death happened. Many days and nights funeral fires burned, shamen’s drums rustled terribly. Shamen were begging favour and protection of gods. But gods turned away from people. One by one the settlements died out. It was in three days away from our place. The tribe had gathered around the fire. The shaman had thrown roots and grasses into the fire to kind gods, he lifted the drum, struck in it and cried out: Таkhtamygda! (It meant “stop, death”).
Three times the sun set up and down and the shaman continued to beat in his drum, he continued his violent dancing. The onuchis on his feet were already used up. Bells and amulets had flown away from his drum. Foam had appeared on his lips, but he continued to ask gods about protection of the tribe. Suddenly he had fallen dead. But a miracle happened. The death stopped and didn’t go further. And orochons began to call our place Takhtamygda».


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