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Fisei Langotsky’s mansion

Kotelnikov Nikolay
Kotelnikov Nikolay
10 G grade MBOU “Multipurpose gymnasium №12 of Chita”
The teacher: Mikhailova Larisa Yur'evna

In June 1910 Fisei Langotsky, a Russian merchant of the 2nd guild, appealed to the town council of Chita to get an approve of the project of a stone two-storied house with a basement. The mansion was built as soon as on 10 June 1910 the project was approved. Fisei Langotsky lived there till 1923 when the mansion was nationalized.
Fisei Langotsky traded with fine wheat flour, had a sawmill in Olovyanaya region, had a mill, brickyards on the rented lands. Nowadays Fisei Langotsky’s mansion is an object of cultural heritage. It is situated in the Anohina Street, 37, former Lenskaya Street. This mansion is of a great value because there is a wonderfully beautiful and graceful fireplace made of smooth white Berlin tiles. Also there is a massive moulded rosette on the ceiling, colourful ceramic tiles on the floor, metal railing of the stairs and if you watch carefully, you will notice the monogram of the owner on the bends of the railings on the mansion’s roof.
So, as one of the oldest historical sights of Chita city, Fisei Langotsky’s mansion takes an especial part because it represents the architectural style widespread in the XIX century and the buildings of this style can be met in St Petersburg or in the historical parts of Moscow or other cities of the European part of Russia. Nevertheless, Fisei Langotsky’s mansion is not a replica, this building was completely designed and built in Chita city by local architects. It means that there were specialists of a rather high level far from big cities, who could create such beautiful and graceful buildings as the mansion where Fisei Langotsky lived.


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