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Chita, Molokovka

Kargopoltseva Anna
Kargopoltseva Anna
student of 11 class of «Multiprofile gymnasia 12», Chita
A teacher of English
Mikhailova L.Y.

There is an amazing reserved place with an unusual name Molokovka near Chita. Just a few minutes a winding mountain road leads up higher and higher deep into the pine forest. And from the hill a traveler sees a wonderful valley: a dark blue, dazzling, round lake surrounded by pine-giants. Around it there are little cozy houses and trails leading in all directions deep into the taiga.
In summer fast boats slide on the lake, and people are walking along the shore leisurely, enjoying the healthy air. Not far away, among the bizarre rocks, a famous Molokovka fountain is gurgling: the water, rising from the heart of the earth, reduces fatigue and gives strength. Fountain doesn’t freeze in winter, and the lake becomes a natural ice rink, looks like a glass, with painted whimsical patterns of frozen waves.
In winter one of the hills becomes a great winter resort, which attracts both adults and children. Traditional Russian fun: tobogganing, building a snow castle, playing snowballs - leave no one indifferent. Adults and children have great time here, and young people master winter sports: snowboarding, skiing, organize competitions and just have fun with interesting people. And after a few hours spent in the fresh frosty air, people go into a wooden hut, where they drink tea and hot fruit drink, sitting at large tables, eat delicious cakes and listen to the stories of the smiling kind owner, enjoying the prevailing here atmosphere of warmth, joy, kindness and friendship.


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