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Chelyabinsk region, Magnitogorsk

Буркина Ольга Александровна,
учитель английского языка МОУ
"Гимназия №18 города Магнитогорска"
Челябинская область, г.Магнитогорск

In 1743 on the right bank of the river Yaik (now it’s the Ural) a fortress Magnitnaya was founded.
For centuries lots of legends about enormous treasures of Magnit-mountain were created by people. They told that khan Batyi with his hordes passed by Magnit-mountain. And an amazing wonder was discovered by his archers.No matter where they send their arrows with iron tips, they were pulled to a red stone “hump” in the middle of the prairie. The hordes left this place as fast as they could and called this “hump” shaitan (or evil spirit)-mountain. Our neighbours the Bashkirs have their legends about our Magnit-mountain. One of them tells that once upon a time an epic hero Atach crawled at the top of Magnit-mountain and left there forever. He couldn’t move his legs because there were metal heels on his boots. To remember him one of the ore hills of Magnit-mountain was called Atach.
Real events connected with a siege of Emelyan Pugachev the fortress of Magnitnaya were described by Pushkin A.S. in his novel “Captain’s daughter”. Pugachev wanted to conquer it but at first he failed. Just because of the betrayal he succeded. Pugachev’s rebellion was shattered past retrieval. The empress Elizabeth II was eager to destroy completely the memory of it that’s why she odered to rename the Yaik to the Ural. Now the Ural divides our town into two parts European and Asian. Lots of citizens of Magnitogorsk cross the boarder between Asia and Europe twice a day: when they go to work and return home from work. Our "Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works" is known all over the world as a giant of metallurgy. Moreover we have our own Paris, Berlin and Varna within 1-hour drive from Magnitogorsk. In the surroundings of our town lots of settlements were founded by former soldiers who called them to honour their victories, for example Warsaw, Leipzig, Chesma or Ostrolenka. You can also take a chance to spend a weekend in Berlin or Paris without getting any visas.


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