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St. Petersburg , a mystic Rotunda

Ученики 10 класса
Учитель: Бычкунова Елена Владиславовна
ГБОУ СОШ № 46 с углублённым изучением английского языка,
Приморского района

Saint Petersburg is a city with the unique culture. Each corner of our city has its own history and secret. Our class likes to study the new facts of every interesting place. One of the mystic places of St. Petersburg is the Rotunda, situated in the ordinary dwelling of the 19th century in Gorokhovaya Street. There are no visual signs of Rotunda from the yard and from the outside of the building. A lot of legends are told about this house and Rotunda itself.
According to one the legends, Prince of Darkness comes down the stairs of Rotunda into the city and can fulfill every desire of those whom he meets. In the local history records, there is a story about a young noblewoman who, according to her narration, came at night to Rotunda of an unrequited love and spoke with the Prince of Darkness. Next morning her sweetheart died for no apparent reason. Nowadays, at the end of 1980s, one student of the economical department of the Leningrad University wanted, thus, acquire a huge amount of money. He spent the night in Rotunda and never came home. He vanished. Many people believe that if somebody writes his wish on the wall of Rotunda, it will definitely be fulfilled. Therefore, all the walls in Rotunda are inscribed with such wishes.
Besides, the mystical stories, the building is famous for its acoustics. If you whisper a word, it seems that you are shouting it. They say, that there are six Rotundas similar to this one and all of them are located in nondescript ordinary houses.


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