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Potseluev Bridge

Жарская Христина Владимировна
ГОУ № 553.
Ученица 8 класса "Б"

Hello! My name`s Hristina and I`m fifteen years old. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world-St. Petersburg. Our city is called the Northern Venice, as there 65 rivers, tributaries, canals in it. There are a great number of different wonderful bridges in St. Petersburg. I`d like to tell you about one of the most unusual bridges - about Potseluev Bridge. It`s over river Moyka, in Admeralteyskiy area. It`s not very large - only 41,7 m in length. The main decoration of it is the cast iron fence.
The first thought, which I think, comes to everybody`s mind " This bridge was named in honor of those kissing couples, who come there every day. But it`s not this way. The bridge was named after Nicephorus Potseluev, who was a famous Russian merchant. I admire different legends and stories, connected with this bridge. The main legend say that if lovers kiss each other on this bridge, they will be together forever. Also I strongly believe that this bridge is the place where people should say goodbye to each other if they have to part. They will certainly meet again!
When I have a boyfriend, we surely will go to this wonderful bridge, which is one of the most fantastic places in our city!


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