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Legends of Mariinsky Posad

Чувашская Республика, г.Мариинский Посад
МБОУ «ООШ г.Мариинский Посад»
Учитель истории Арапова Ирина Витальевна,
учитель английского языка
Васильева Елена Александровна.

Our town is not so ancient. It is about 250 years old but as any old town it also has its own mysteries and legends. We want to tell you about some of them. In the XIX century Katherine II, the Empress of Russia,visited Mariinsky Posad on her way to Kazan. The nobles of the town invited her to have tea at the top of the hill on the bank of the Volga. Katherine admired the beautiful views of the town and the islands on the river that she lost her golden teaspoon. After her leaving some citizens of the town tried to find this teaspoon. And even nowadays some people search the hill for that golden spoon. Since that legendary tea party the hill is called “the Sovereign Hill”. Another legend is also connected with the visit of the Great Empress. During the visit several young men from the town were serving to her. Katherine so liked one of them that invited the boy to join her during her trip. She promised to fulfill his dream to see the capital. Old people say that since then nobody saw that young man any more. Nobody knew about his further life. The church of a Sacred Trinity was closed in 1939 but people continued to go there. Though now they couldn't pray in the church they prayed out of it about the northern wall where the icon of divine mother earlier took place. Old people spoke that the icon appeared periodically on the temple wall. The town heads ordered to paint over and erase the image of an icon but it appeared again and again. As a result they ordered to beat off the plaster on that place of the wall. However the face of the virgin was shown again. And people continued to come and ask for help. Now a new icon of the virgin is established in this place and the church of a Sacred Trinity has renewed the work.


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