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Legend about the Tihvinskja Virgin

Носова Елена Витальевна,
учитель английского языка
МОУ « СОШ им. Р.Г. Карманова» с. Усть - Нем
Зайкова Татьяна, Зайкова Василина -
ученицы 7 класса МОУ «ООШ » с. Мыелдино

Our native village Myyoldino is very original. It is situated on the right bank of Wychegda and it is very long. There are many crosses all over the village. I want to tell about one cross. It is connected with a very interesting legend.
It is told that the Virgin Mary was boating down the river Wychegda. Her boat had no steering-gear and the Virgin landed where she wanted. She landed on the bank and installed the Tihvinskaja Virgin cross. On that place it was built a chapel. During the flood-time there was an island around this chapel. But people couldn`t arrive to it. For this reason it was decided to build a church on the hill and on that place where there was a chapel it was installed a cross. Every year on the 9th of July (the holiday of the Tihvinskja Virgin icon) the procession with a big cross, icons and banners goes from the church to the cross. It is hold a service, the water is consecrated. It is said that people must go under the cross and then they got health.


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