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The Dancing forest

Чёрная Дарья Владимировна
Место учебы: МБОУ СОШ №44 10 «Б» класс
Город: Калининград

There is a unique place in the heart of Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region. It is called the «Dancing forest». In this very place relict giants give place to a shrub and a plain terrain becomes hilly. Many of tree species growing there became extinct long ago in the other place of the Earth. So you can virtually travel not only across miles but across time as well at this place.
Your route starts when you begin to climb Efa Dune, the highest sand dune in Europe. At first, you do not see anything strange, you go through a pinery wood and then something strange begins to happen. The trees begin to dance. On the area of about one square kilometer grow the pine trees that were planted in the 1880s. The majority of these trees are twisted in circles and spirals. There is no logical explanation for this natural phenomenon. Ancient Prussian, who lived previously on this land, believed that these circled trees were the gates to the spirits world. Some of them even through that everyone passing through these gates would got rid of all illness and diseases and a person returned not only cured but sometimes possessing the supernatural powers.
Another legend said that if you had crawled through such spiraled tree from the west to the east, you would have added a year to your life. Different attempts were taken to explain the mystery of the “Dancing Forest». There were and still are a lot of different ideas. Some people believe that this place is сonnected with some dark forces and even if you cut down all these trees, the new ones would have the strange forms. People say that these are witches frozen in eternal diabolic dance punished by God.
Scientist say the causes may be geological, that it must have something to do with the unstable sandy soil. But the most widely accepted theory is that the «Dancing Forest» was manipulated by the powerful winds blowing in the area.
Whatever the reason, the mystery of the «Dancing forest» waits to be solved.


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