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Surgut, the bright city

Student: Lipatnikova Arina
Lyceum № 2, Form 9
Teacher: Shumeleva Tatyana Andreevna

Surgut is not my hometown but actually I like this city very much. I had moved to Surgut in 2000 and, of course, I was impressed with brightness of this city. In comparison with Kirov, which is my hometown, Surgut is slightly less than Kirov but it is more interesting. There are colourful houses, big marts, entertainment complexes, beautiful parks and squares. I fell in love with this city immediately. It was obviously that Surgut is a very good place for living except the fact that it is very cold in winter. The lowest temperature in winter was about 55 degrees below zero. Later I learned some things from Surgut history. Surgut is believed to be one of the most ancient Siberian settlements. It was founded by four people: a voivode, a priest, a merchant and a hunter. Today there is a monument to the founders of our city in the downtown. Most of city events are conducted near this monument. Surgut is the most famous city of our region. Nowadays Surgut is called ‘the oil capital of Russia’. Our city has some special symbols, for example its own coat of arms. There is a black fox with silver end of the tail that is running on the azure land against the gold background. The black fox is the symbol of taiga.
Now the population of Surgut is more than 300 thousand people. It’s considered to be ‘the city of the youth’. In my opinion it is the right statement. There are a lot of young people and the government of Surgut tries to make our city better for them. Unlike other Russian cities the huge number of people of different nationalities lives in Surgut. There are Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, Armenians, Tajics, Chuvashs, Tatars and others. I want to say a few words about the architecture of our city. In my view Surgut is one of the most beautiful cities of our country. It is a modern city. Most of buildings look very beautiful and exciting. They have totally different shapes and colours. For example, buildings of leading core enterprises like “Gasprom” and “Tyumen’energo”, “Surgutneftegas”. The building of “Gasprom” is very high and it has beautiful blue-green colours. Also we have got a huge shopping centre called “Vershina”. It has the shape of an iceberg. When you stop near it and look up, it seems so giant! In the evening the most beautiful buildings are highlighted and they look so breathtakingly! I adore walking in the centre of Surgut in the evening especially before New Year. When I started to live here, I noticed that there are a lot of places to visit. Of course, there are beautiful parks, avenues, squares and forest park zones where you can rest from the noise of the streets. In Surgut there is a big park near my house which is called Saima (it’s situated on the small river Saima). There is a ski and bike renting, a small amusement park and a very big forest. Every weekend a lot of people go to Saima to make a barbecue and just to have a rest after a hard week. Except Saima we have the ski complex “Kamenny Mys” where we and the guests of the city like to have a rest in winter. On the right bank of the Ob’ there is the archaeological monument “Barsova Gora”. There are about 60 ancient settlements, sepulchers and sanctuaries. The most ancient of them belong to the Stone Age. But it is too far from the city. That’s why I can recommend visitors of our city to go to the “Kedrovy Log”. In one part of the park there are a lot of attractions and the other part is big forest of pines, spruces and cedars and a racetrack. In my opinion it is one of the best parks in our city. In conclusion, I’d like to say: let our city be cold in winter and damp in spring but all its inhabitants always admire its beauty and they love this city just for the fact it exists.


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