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Surgut, my native town

Ковальчук Оксана Григорьевна
МБОУ НШ-Д/С № 2 г. Сургут, Тюменская область.
Учитель английского языка

While traveling all around our country I have understood that the best feelings are connected with coming back home and seeing the signboard with the name of my native town “Surgut”. However, I did not comprehend the point of the signboard to be common, black and white. Since that time I put forward hypotheses, that my native place is respected not for being fascinating, but it is famous for its hardworking townsmen, who do not pay much attention to the outside world. People from all the places of Russia and other countries were coming to this small town for making their dreams come true. To my mind, the most vivid description of all the people from Surgut is hospitality. We got used to help each other, because our hard frost in winter trained us to be attentive to other people’s problems.
Surgut is famous for its “black gold”, which gives us a great privilege like good financial position in the country. However, we must pay for our material benefits in our health; the diggers, hookers, geologists and other people whose work is connected with oil and gas production have severe conditions of the job. That is why, the main Surgut holiday usually happens on the first Sunday in September, the holiday is called “The day of oil and gas industry workers”.
Although, instead of the town the hydro power was supposed to be built on this territory. There should have been an artificial sea on this area, but thanks to Salmanov and Muravlenko’s proves people had started to look for oil fields. Nowadays, this “black gold” is the main value of the industry not only in Surgut and even not only in Russia, but in the whole world.


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