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Surgut, a legend about the pike

Kate Menshikova
Salakhov’s gymnasium

My name is Kate Menshikova. I live in Surgut. It is a very interesting city. I am a student of Salakhov’s gymnasium. I am a student of a technical form but I am interested in humanitarian subjects too. I have been learning English for 8 years. My second language is French. I like reading. I like to draw and listen to music. I also like to walk and talk with friends. I have read many legends but I’d like to tell you a legend which I heard when my family went fishing. This legend was told on the bank of the river Ob by a fish man whose nationality was khanty.

The people of khanty and mansi have legends about each animal. I want to tell you a legend about the pike. The Pike was considered to have special powers. The men gave the oath at it’s nose , women were forbidden to eat raw pike.
According to the legend, firstly the pike crawled on the ground like a snake. There were no bones in her head, there were just jaws. These jaws ate all it met on it’s way on the Earth. One day the Pike saw a crow which was flying.
It was carrying a bone of a deer. The crow dropped the bone. The Pike swallowed the bone of a deer. After that it saw a man who was setting traps for fish. The man took a trap, and a wooden lot was near him. The Pike crept closer. The man hit her on the head, the lot broke in two pieces, the pike ate one half. Then she swallowed a woman, who was walking through a swamp and collecting wood. Then the Pike ate the front foot of an elk. It even ate sled-runners. Then it saw another crow and it ate it. Posts - young iki’s knives were stole and eaten by it too. Posts-young iki was very angry and he threw the pike into the water. Since then, the pike lives in the water. It’s head bones are things, people and animals, which it swallowed.


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