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Густешев Денис
Прогимназия №1749 г.Москва
3 «А» класс. Учитель Чунина Е.В.

I would like to tell you a few words about one of my favourite Russian cities. It is Tula. Tula is a very old city. It was first mentioned in history in 1146. Now Tula is a big and beautiful city. It is a very interesting fact that in ancient Russian language the word "Tula" meaned "safe place". This city is famous for its weapon factories, samovars and special cakes. In Russian they are called "pryaniki'. These things are the symbols of the city.
There are 3 unique museums in Tula. The weapon museum is one of the oldest museums in the world. There we can watch different examples of modern and historical arms and learn many interesting facts about the history of them.
In the museum of samovars there are more than 300 museum pieces of different size and colour. The “Tulskyi pryanik” museum shows the whole process of making these cakes and the most interesting examples of these traditional baked goods, too. This winter my family and I went to Tula. There we visited museums, walked in the parks and saw Kremlin of Tula. But most of all I liked Tula’s “Exotarium”. This is a place where reptiles live. There one can touch or even hold a big bright snake or a lizard. We had really good time. I liked my holiday very much. Of course, I want to visit this city again.


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