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Ryazan Region, Korablino District

Шурыгина Ольга, 6 A класс
Браткина Татьяна Павловна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ Кораблинская средняя общеобразовательная школа
г. Кораблино, Рязанская область

My native land is a place where I was born, Ryazan Region, the town of Korablino.I’m lucky to be born and live in one of the most beautiful places.My town is little but very nice.In the center of the town there is an old park where there is a chestnut trees alley planted by the war veterans. There are two nice churches in Korablino.
There is also a nice square with a lot of trees and bushes in front of my window.In winter trees glitter in the sun. In autumn leaves change their colors.They turn yellow, orange, brown, red and purple.In autumn trees are exciting. Everything changes in spring: the snow melts, streams run.In May apple and cherry trees begin to blow.
Nearby the town there two rivers the Ranova and the Pronya.In summer I often go to the Ranova. On its banks there are a lot of nice cottages, green trees and bushes and different plants.There you can meet funny domestic animals: sheep, geese and cows.The water in the river is so clean that you can see the fish. I love my native land and wish it to stay wonderful!


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