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Taganrog, The Chekhov’s Gymnasium

Ostrikova Veronica
School № 37 Form 6 V Taganrog
Teacher: Chramtsova M.O.

Hello! My name is Ostrikova Veronika. I was born in Taganrog and it is my native city. Taganrog was founded by Peter The Great on September 12, 1698. There are a lot of sights in Taganrog. One of the most famous sights is the Chekhov’s Gymnasium. The Gymnasium was founded in 1809 and this building was completed in 1843 by the plans of the Italian architect Francesco Buffo. Students of the Boys Gymnasium benefited from various grants. The children of noblemen, officials, merchants went to the Gymnasium at the age of 7 and left it at the age of 15. The Grammar-school boys had classes five days a week. Classes usually began at 9 and were over at 14.30. Their subjects were Classic Languages (Greek, Latin and Italian), God’s Law, Maths, Literature, History, Nature Study and Geography. The discipline was very formal and district. The main method was “cramming”, it helped to develop mental faculties. The graduates were able to go to the University by the competition of certificates. They spent much time outdoors, especially in the grove “Dubki”. They played football, different games with their teachers. Annually they had Literature Conversations “freie Vortage”. The Classical Gymnasium was an exemplary Educational institution. The Chekhov’s Gymnasium in Taganrog is the oldest gymnasium in the South of Russia. Playwright and short-story writer Anton Chekhov spent 11 years in the school, which was later named after him and transformed into a literary museum. Visitors can see Anton's desk and his classroom, the assembly hall and even the punishment cell which he sometimes visited. Today the Gymnasium is open to public as The Literary Museum named after Anton Chekhov. The exhibition includes the library that consists of the antique books of the time and books later sent by Anton Chekhov, his personal belongings, photographs, documents, autographs by Chekhov. I love my native town. Taganrog is a nice place to live in. The life there is quiet and peaceful. There is no place like my home town, no matter what it is.


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