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Taganrog, Gorky Park

Evseenko Vladislav Vyacheslavovich
The Secondary School number 12
My name is Vladislav Vyacheslavovich Evseenko.
I am 16 years old, and I in the 10th grade. I'm interested in English.

One of the iconic, memorable and favorite places in the city is our Taganrog Gorky Park. Like any living thing, the park is the time of it’s birth. The founding father of the park is Balthazar Baltazarovich Campenhausen. The first flowering of the park occurred in the period of living Alexander I in Taganrog. In the middle of the XIX century The style of French gardens changed to the English style parks-forests. At the same time in the park every day The Symphony Orchestra performs G. Molla gives concerts in Taganrog. Our countryman, AP Chekhov wrote in his letter: "Not a single friend, all the new faces, and yet all the same. Every detail is left as it was in my time when I was running at high school here". In 20-30 years, our park is partially lost their social status as a center of urban culture, becoming a new center of propaganda of the communist and social ideas. In its structure there are elements of ideology - the statues of Greek heroes, athletes, flowerbeds, slogans. Taganrog Park since the beginning of its existence, up to 40 years with age can be considered a mirror of what is happening in our city and throughout the country. So, the park is part of a changing cultural environment. Now it is a place to walk, entertainment and recreation for all visitors. Residents are proud of our city park.


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