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My native town is Taganrog

Masha Bolshenko
A pupil of the fifth form of
Taganrog secondary school number 36

My name is Masha Bolshenko. I was born in Taganrog Rostov region in 2001. My family is neither large nor small. It has four members: dad, mum, my younger sister Julia and I. My parents are engineers of Beriev Aircraft Company. I am a pupil of the fifth form of Taganrog secondary school number 36. Julia is 6 years old and she is going to enter my school this year. I have got many hobbies: I like singing, dancing, reading, swimming, rolling, riding a bike and many others. I like some subjects at school. They are Math, Russian and History. But my favorite subject is English. I like my town. And now I want to tell about it.

My native town is Taganrog. It is situated in the south of Russia on the Asov Sea. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1698. Taganrog is a native town of our famous writer A.P. Chekhov. There is Chekhov’s monument in Taganrog, Chekhov’s theatre, library. Chekhov’s house is the museum in our days. Taganrog is an industrial town. Taganrog is a seaport. The seaport plays an impotent role in the life of the town. Our town is very beautiful in all seasons. There are many beautiful parks, squares, gardens, some beautiful streets, magnificent buildings, monuments and places of historical interest. The monument to Peter the Great which was created by a well-know sculptor Antokolsky is on the shore of the Asov Sea. Our town was visited by Pushkin, Chaikovsky, Gorky, Mayakovsky, Garibaldy and others. In 2010 the people all over the world celebrated the 150th anniversary of Chekhov’s birthday.
Taganrog of our days is a scientific and cultural centre. There are some institutes, colleges, 38 secondary schools, a music school, libraries and cinemas.
The most beautiful place in our town is Gorky park. There is an open-air theatre where plays are performed in summer, many small cafes, many attractions for children, and very beautiful nature in our park.
The weather in our town changes very often, the winds blow very often. And Taganrog is especially beautiful in summer. All people in our town like to spend their free time at the seaside.

  • The monument to A.P. Chekhov sculptor Rucavishnicov
  • The monument to Peter I sculptor Antokolsky
  • Chekhov’s theatre
  • Chekhov’s house
  • Chekhov’s library


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