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Vlada Stashkiv
Form 10
“Az Buki Vedi”
Marina Alekseevna Pleshakova

My name is Vlada. I have a great range of interests. One of them is English. I like to read, to sing, to speak it. Taking part in your project I want to tell you about one of the main educational establishments in our city and in Russia.

In 2006 within the framework of “Education” National Project, a decision was made to set up two federal universities. One was to be established in the Siberian Federal District, the second one - in the Southern Federal District. The goal was to establish a world-class university to promote the innovative development in Russia.
A number of universities in the Southern Federal District took part in the competition for the right to be called “Federal University”, but only four universities (Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Rostov State Pedagogical University, Taganrog State Radio Engineering University and Rostov State University)came through as winners. These four united into Southern Federal University. Thus, Southern Federal University (SFedU) was established by the RF Government Decree 1616-ð dated November 23, 2006.
The main areas of SFedU development are:
• training programs for Specialist’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on the basis of integrated instruction vs research approach, employment of all modern methods of instruction, including distance (on-line) learning in the sphere of management, economics, education, science, culture, etc;
• creation of an environment for the academic mobility of students, faculty and research staff; as well as integration of the University into the global educational environment and acquiring the world-wide recognition of its educational programs in order to be able to export educational services and technologies;
• carrying out fundamental and applied research; developing efficient interaction with the Russian Academy of Sciences;
• an active international cooperation with universities in Europe, Asia and Americas; participation in international educational and research programs.


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