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The Rostov Ouspenie Cathedral

Шибакин Александр – ученик 9 “A”
Учитель-Золототрубова Татьяна Александровна

Every weekend I and my parents go to some cities which are not far from Moscow. One of our favourite ones is Rostov the Great. Rostov the Great is one of the oldest Russian cities. The city was first mentioned in the chronicle in 862 AD as a remote front post of Kiev Russia. It became the capital of the North-East Russia. Rostov is the birthplace of St. Sergio of Radonezh. In Rostov there are about 323 monuments of architecture, about 100 of them have federal value, and the ensemble of Rostov Kremlin has world value. And the one I like best is the Rostov Ouspenie Cathedral. I would like to tell you about it.
The Rostov Ouspenie Cathedral is one of the most famous Christian temples of Russia. It was the first church in North-West Russia. The Cathedral was founded in 991 in Rostov, when Russia was baptized. The Cathedral was rebuilt four times. This building is over 500 years old. Many Russian saints have prayed in the Cathedral. The Rostov Ouspenie Cathedral is famous for its bell tower possessing a unique set of bells. There are 15 of them. The biggest one, which is called Sysoy, weighs 32000 kgs, and it’s really big. The Cathedral was closed in 1935. Its interior was badly neglected. The restoration began in 1991, when the temple was returned to the religious people. The Rostov Kremlin, where Cathedral is situated, is a white stone complex with elegant churches, tall belfries and round towers. It has a huge territory with a lot of buildings in it. It is really great building, so you need to see it.
Also, you can visit some museums and buy some souvenirs in gift shop nearby. So, if you want to have a really good weekend, spend it in the Rostov Kremlin.


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