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Тепляшина Кристина, ученица 11 класса
Поздеев Даниил, ученик 7 класса
Учитель Поздеева Татьяна Васильевна
МБОУ «Заречномедлинская средняя общеобразовательная
школа имени К. А. Ложкина» Дебёсского района
Удмуртской Республики

Debesski district is situated in the north-eastern part of the Udmurt Republic The total population of Debesski district is more than 13 thousand people. The main part of the population is occupied by the Udmurts. Udmurt nation makes up 79% of the population of our district. Besides the Udmurts there are other nationalities: the Russians - 19 % and 1% - other nationalities. Due to the fact that Debesy is situated on the Siberian Highway, since early times many people were trying to learn Russian language. Many Russian people from Kazan and Vyatka in the west, from Perm in the east had moved to Debesy and influenced native people’s traditions and lifestyle. Though Udmurtia is in the list of risky agricultural zone, the main occupation of people living in the district is agriculture. The basic natural resource is forest.
We can’t boast any exotic landscapes and unusual sights, which usually draw crowds of tourists. Everything here is simple and quiet. But it differs from other Russian villages. Our people keep their traditions. Even now days they try to follow national udmurt customs. The district centre is Debesy. 5,674 people live in it. It was founded in 1749. Debesy is situated on the right bank of the Cheptsa river. It is a great historical village.
The main historical and cultural sight of our place is the Great Siberian Highway. It is one of the longest and the oldest roads in the world. The way was being built for centuries. Just in Debesy three road branches are crossed: the northern branch from St. Petersburg, the southern one from Moscow and the eastern one from Siberia. Two branches from Russian capital cities are crossed in Debesy and farther there is only one way to Siberia. It was famous for its shackles sounds and was one of the most tragic and sad parts in the Russian history. There is the Museum of the Siberian Highway. It would be exciting to visit for everybody. The museum tells the history of the Siberian Highway, it has detailed information about those events. It contains a lot of objects that illustrate everyday life of local people. There are a lot of hills in our district. The hill Bygurez is a well-known sight not only in the district but all over our republic. Many famous udmurt poets described the beauty and power of the Bygurez in their poems and songs. It is situated on the picturesque bank of the river Cheptsa.
We are proud of our unique udmurt culture and our rich nature. Welcome to Debesy

  • Great Siberian Highway
  • Great Siberian Highway
  • Milestone
  • Troitskaya church
  • Debesy
  • The Museum of the Siberian Highway
  • The hill Bygurez
  • The hill Karosmeshka
  • The Cheptsa river
  • The Cheptsa river


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