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Сиразова Гульнар Фанисовна
Апастовский район Республика Татарстан
Чуру-Барышевская основная школа, 9 класс.

Люблю заниматься спортом, люблю петь, танцевать и люблю слушать музыку. Мы с учительницей английского языка Султановой Ландыш Равиловной на кружке собираем татарские праздники, обычаи, легенды и переводим их.

Sabantuy is, perhaps, the most popular festival in Tatarstan. It is “a celebration of the plough” ( in the Tatar language “saban means “plough and “ tuy ” means festival”). This holiday takes place at the beginning of summer, after the first haymaking. During this festival there are a lot exciting are the horse races. (The Bulgars’ ancestors lived anomadi life, horses and were good riders.)
Another popular competition is the national wresting. At the end they choose a winner. He is usually given a god prize. There are also a lot of funny competitions and sport games, for example, egg-races, “running-in-sacks” races. Climbing up a high pole is rather difficult, but very funny. The prize is a big cock, sitting on top! In the villages young women usually make presents for the winners. Everyone tries to show his / her skills and talent. “Nauruz” means the “New Year Day”. It is a very old festival.
This festival takes place on the 21st of March. On this day he daytime is as night. Days become longer and nights become shorter. This holiday symbolizes the end of darkness and unforgettable festival. People choose the most beautiful girl. She is called “Nauruz - bikeh”. She drives throughout the town in a coach, decorated with flowers, bright ribbons and bells. Everywhere people greet her cheerfully. People sing songs and dance.


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