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The museum of Bread

МБОУ Татарско-Кандызская СОШ
Бавлинский район
Республика Татарстан.
Фаррахова Эльвира Ярулловна, ученица 11 класса
Учитель английского языка Идрисова Гулюза Наилевна

The idea of a museum was born in 1988. All the exhibits in the museum are devoted to bread. The exhibits shown in the museum include books, albums, compositions, pictures, postcards and other exhibits. On the walls there are materials about cereal cultures. The grain of these cultures we can see in the museum. A large part of the exhibits is about the importance of bread during the famous events of our country. There are historical documents of the bloodiest Great Patriotic War.
Some expositions are devoted to the blockade of Leningrad “ The bread of Leningrad’s blockade.” They show many important documents that give young people an idea of the time of the blockade of Leningrad. We can see the brown pieces of bread of Leningrad’s blockade in the museum. The exposition “The Road of life” tells about the heroic feat of the soviet soldiers. They made a road on the ice of the lake Ladoga and drove products to besieged Leningrad.
Special exhibits in the museum are devoted to the foremost people in agriculture. There are red ribbons of the winners of spring field works and autumn gathering in harvest. The following department contains exhibits of agricultural implements. You can see some models of modern implements and old implements, which were used by our great-grandparents to grow the grain.


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