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KAZAN - is one of the most beautiful city in Russia.

My name is Sara.
I am 16 years old.
My teacher’s name is - Aleksandrova Marina Romanovna.
School number 51.

Hello!My name is Sara.I am 16 years old.I study at school in Russia. I study well at school,I like English language very much.And that’s why I want to tell you about my favourite city-Kazan.Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Republikof Tatarstan,Russia.It is the eighth most populous city in Russia.Kazan lies on the confluenceof the Volga and Kazanka rivers.In 2009 it was chosen as the sportscapital of Russia.
There are very many beautiful places in Kazan.For example:the Kremlin-the oldest historical and architectural centre.The Kremlin was built of white stone.Also there are many theaters,cinemas,original parks.There are also very many instituts,universityes.And our schools,universityes are very large,comfortable.We are proud of our schools and universityes.
Major monuments in the kremlin are the 5-domed and 6-columned Annunication Cathedral and the mysterious leaning Soyembika Tower named after the last queen of Kazan and regarded as the city’s most conspicuous landmark.We have a lot of churches,mosques,because in Kazan live not only Russian people but there are very many different nationalities.And we are very friendly.But Tatar and Russian languages are very popular languages in Kazan.Kazan is a very rich,beautiful city.And there are very many tourists in Kazan.I am proud of my city,I like my city very much.

  • This is Kazan Federal University,which founded in 1804
  • This is the Kremlin.It is very amasing,beautiful,isn’t it?
  • This is Soyembika Tower
  • This is a very famous theatre in Kazan


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