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Приморский край, МБОУ «СОШ №3»
Semyonov Alexey, 9 grade
Teacher: Bibikova Tatiana Danilovna

My name is Alex. I live in Dalnerechensk which is located in the most wonderful place in the world - Primorsky Krai. It doesn’t matter in which direction to go because you’ll get into taiga, real taiga, lying in the distance of 50 kilometers from my home town. Taiga has been visiting card of my homeland ever since because it is a mixture of beautiful and rare species and plants which you will never see anywhere else in the world.
I have lately read an interesting legend about my homeland:“While distributing treasures among different lands God forgot about Primorye. When he remembered he threw on it the leftovers out of his sack.” That is why the Ussuri taiga is unique in its beauty. Almost 2000 plants including 250 tree and shrub species call it their home. It is a botanical garden where Dauria larch, Manchurian nut-tree, Amur cork-tree, the Korean pine, the lime and a lot of other rare plants grow.
While travelling across my Krai you can stay at one of the most famous health resort Shmakovka, where you can drink medicinal mineral water, watch fluffy squirrels with nice, big tails jumping from brunch to brunch; go boating on the lake which is full of showy, solitary flowers – lotus blossoms. Today this unique flower is worshiped in Tibet and Mongolia, and Chinese give lotus blossoms as New Year present.
And the main symbol of Primorye is “lord of the taiga” - the Ussuri Tiger. It is a graceful striped cat. The stripes on its head form a sign which in Chinese means “Lord”. Every year in September students from all schools of Dalnerechensk gather in our school yard to take part in the celebration of the “Day of Tiger”. They recite poems, sing songs and demonstrate costumes of tigers. We try to attract attention to the problem of endangered rear animals in such a way.


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