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Serdobsk, Mikhail Archangel Cathedral

Ревина Ольга Алексеевна
МОУ СОШ №9 г. Сердобска Пензенской области
«Собор Михаила Архангела»
Учитель английского языка
высшей категории Бабакина Валентина Викторовна

I live in a small old provincial town in the very heart of Russia. We have our local architectural and religious gem – Mikhail Archangel Cathedral. There are four blue onion-shaped cupolas, the central gilded cupola rests on a cylindrical drum. The cathedral is built of red bricks and has two chapels: the left chapel of the Virgin of Kazan, the right chapel of Saint Nicholas.The cathedral has a dramatic story. Serdobsk was founded as a small settlement on the banks of the Serdoba River in the XVII century. A number of wooden churches and chapels were built there. But only in 1895 a new stone Mikhail Archangel Cathedral was started. Its construction lasted till 1905. Architects and painters from Saratov and Moscow created the ornamentation of the cathedral. It was 50 metres high and there was room for up to 3000 parishioners. After the October revolution in 1937 the cathedral was closed and turned into a military warehouse. This was the only reason which saved it from total destruction. It was opened again in 1945 and its interior was absolutely awful. The copper and iron bells – donations of Serdobsk merchants – disappeared, the wall paintings were damaged by bullet shots.But gradually, year by year, a real miracle happened and the cathedral was restored. In 1993 eight new bronze bells were brought from Moscow and started to ring anew. A group of Moscow artists carried out restoration works, so inside the cathedral you will be impressed with its splendid decoration, see the Biblical scenes and Russian patron saints painted on the walls. A marvellous iconostasis is the main pride of both priests and parish. Mikhail Archangel cathedral is the largest and most beautiful one in Penza Region.


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