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The Walk of Fame

Жуланов Артемий Викторович
МОУ СОШ №9 г. Сердобска Пензенской области
Пензенская область, г. Сердобск,
Учитель английского языка
высшей категории Бабакина Валентина Викторовна

I study in a cadet class at school #9 in Serdobsk. Every year, on May 9, cadet classes take part in the Victory Day parade. It takes place near a memorial in honour of our fellow-townsmen who were killed in Great Patriotic War. Here we take an oath joining cadet classes. The memorial is located in the centre of our town. The main part of it consists of an obelisk and the Eternal Flame which was lit in 1977. The monument is surrounded with marble slabs. The names of eleven thousand people are engraved on them. About five thousand of these men never returned from the battlefields of the war.
For me and my family this place is not just a monument. Among the names engraved on the marble slabs there is a name of my great-grandfather, A.M.Saukhin. In summer of 1941 he was mobilized to the war, and in autumn his family got an official letter with tragic words: “… missed in a fight…”. So, every year my family comes to the Eternal Flame to honour him and all the heroes, as we don`t even know how my great-grandfather died and where he was buried.
Another part of the memorial is the Memory Alley of Heroes. The bronze busts of ten Heroes of the Soviet Union are set there. The bust of N.A.Zalyotov, the first full Knight of the Order of Glory, the highest soldier award during the war, opens the Alley. In 2010 a bust of A.V.Kalyapin, the Hero of the Russian Federation, appeared here. The 19 -year-old soldier died in Dagestan, having thrown himself on a grenade and saved thus his commander and fellow soldiers.
The Memorial and the Alley are the most sacred place in my town.


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