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Артемова Ирина Игорьевна
Ученица 7 класса
Руководитель - учитель английского языка
Куликова Ирина Владимировна
МБОУ «Покровский лицей», Абдулинский район, Оренбургская область.

Russia is my motherland; the capital of Russia is Moscow. Unfortunately when foreign people think of Russia they usually only think of Moscow. But Russia is a great country. There is much difference between different parts of country. Every part has its history of development which is connected with the history of Russia. I’d like to tell you about my native place- village Pokrovka, the history of which started in the middle of the XIX century.
Pokrovka is situated in the Orenburg Region 25 kilometers away from the district centre Abdulino. It is located on the picturesque hill, surrounded by thick forests and deep rivers. Peasants from the Tambov, the Voronezh and other regions of the Central Russia moved here when there were many free lands. They ran from their landowners. Free peasants cut forest and сultivated new lands, built separated farms, later they became streets. They hunted animals and fished, grew corn, potato.
Our small village differs little from tens of other quiet provincial places of Russia. It cannot boast any unusual sights or exotic landscapes, which usually draw crowds of tourists. Everything here is simple and quiet. We enjoy magnificent nature, fresh air and clean water. Our people are kind, relaxed, friendly, careful. Many remarkable people were born in our village, and we are proud of them. There are some sightseeing places, one of them is the Natural History Museum, where you can find much information about our village, its history, people, traditions . The Monument to heroes of the great Patriotic War is in the centre of the village. On the 9-th of May on Victory Day citizens of Pokrovka come to honour the memory of the soldiers, who didn’t come from the war.
I like my village and I can’t imagine my life without my Pokrovka!

  • Our pond
  • Pokrovka Lyceum
  • The Monument to heroes
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Winter Forest


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