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Omsk region, Tyukalinsk is a cultural centre

Перевертун Галина Сергеевна , учитель английского языка.
МОКУ «Гимназия г. Тюкалинска»
Омская область, г. Тюкалинск.

Tyukalinsk is a cultural centre. There are some historical monuments, three libraries, the School of Arts for children , a musical school, an art school and numerous interesting clubs, a cinema, a museum, a picture gallery. In the centre of town you can see the Monument to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, who were fighting for the freedom and independence of our country. The central park is also situated in the centre of Tyukalinsk. It is a quite place with the wheel of view, merry-go-round and swing. The most beautiful sight in Tyukalinsk is a wooden figures in the park. Summer is the most popular time when one can see many children there.
The Tyukalinsk Local Studies Museum is one of the interesting place in Tyukalinsk The Museum was opened for public in 1985 when Tyukalinsk celebrated its 225-th anniversary. Now the Museum is located in old historical building in the park. There are three sections: History Department, Nature Department and Culture Department. The present day Museum’s depositories contain more than 16000 unique items showing the history of our land, its nature, people and culture.
Its halls contain exhibits showing the history and wildlife of the district. There are exhibits devoted to Tyukalinsk before the Civil War. One can see a lot of interesting things, such as the coat of arms of Tyukalinsk, the bones of ancient animals (the bones of mammoth and the nose of rhinoceros), the peasant’s house, the handcrafts used for convicts, who were pursued along Moscow - Siberia highway, samovars of Tula`s plants, the collection of coins, etc. The museum organizers different kinds of exhibitions, meetings of youth and veterans, games. The initiative of creation of the Museum and the Picture Gallery belongs to the former headmaster of the Museum Mariya Andreyevna Bizyakina.


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