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Yaropolets, the village in the Moscow region

Устинова Татьяна
7 класс, школа 343
города Москвы.

В Ярополецке Московской области живут мои любимые бабушка и дедушка, поэтому мне очень хочется, чтобы это место появилось на интерактивной карте России.

Yaropolets is a village in the Moscow region, near Volokolamsk. It is about 1000 years old. It is situated on the river Lama. In 1135 it belonged to the son of Vladimir Monomakh, prince of Rostov and Suzdal, Yaropolk Vladimirovich , who used Voloko-lamsk road in the fight with Novgorod. Later the tzar Ivan Grozhy bought it and Yaropolets became his favourite place for hunting. The village has a very interesting history. It had many owners. One of them was Ivan Zagruazhny, whose son’s wife was the mother of Natalya Goncharova, the future wife of Aleksandr Pushkin. One part of Yaropolets was the patrimony of former striker of Peter 1, whose son later became the governer of Moscow. He built a rich home stead, and the architectures were M.F. Kazakov and V.V. Bazhenov.
In 1919 the electricity came to the village, and the electricity station was built, but in 1941 it was ruined by the Nazi troops. Yaropolets took an the active part in the defense of Moscow during the second World War. In 1941 the Kremlin cadets Kept the defense of the Moscow direction and 500 of them were killed. On the place of their bed of honor there is a monument. All the citizens of Yaropolets keep their memory.


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