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Терентеевская Ирина Александровна
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
средняя общеобразовательная школа № 4
имени Героя Советского Союза Ф.Т. Жарова
г. Шатура Московская область

Hi! My name is Irene. I’m 16 years old. I’m a pupil of the 10th form. I like learning English. I also like skating, listening to music. I live in Shatura but I’d like to tell about the place where my Granny lives – my favourite countryside.
It’s a small village Felisovo in our region. In Shatura I was born, here I go to school, hang out with my friends. I love my town, but nevertheless I always look forward to every moment I can visit the dearest person for me – my grandmother. On the way I imagine myself going upstairs of our old house, which keeps the memory of my ancestors and my first steps. I open the door and hear: “Hello, granddaughter, darling!” Then we drink tea under my lovely apple-tree (which is the same age as I) talking by grunting cockerel.
I hurry to the nearest coppice to visit my “girl-friends”. Here they are my sweet birches. They see me, nod their curly heads, greeting. Here I have a favourite glade. There are always flowers in summer and mushrooms in autumn there. It`s great to lie on the grass, looking into the blue – blue sky dreaming. I dream that my birches will stay here forever. I wish my native people were healthy for many years. I dream that my own children could see this beauty, feel their link with nature, native land.
In the evening I come back home, have a cup of country milk with granny’s pies. Again and again I listen to grandma`s stories about her life, not an easy one. Then I go to bed and fast asleep on my favourite sofa – the couch of my childhood.
At night I fall asleep to the songs of the cricket which has become almost a member of our family, and in the morning I wake up being absolutely happy. Finally, I am at home…


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