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Титова Надежда Александровна –
учитель английского языка
Цыганова Елизавета – ученица 8 класса
МКОУ Орешковская ООШ

The village of Oreshkovo is located 38 kilometers eastward from Lukhovitsy. The population of the village is about 900 people. There is a school, a library, a house of culture, a kindergarten, a post office, two shops in the village. You can also enjoy the beauty of a handmade pond and a nice park around it.
Oreshkovo has its legend. Before revolution 1917 there was a manor of Baron Struve in Oreshkovo. It was a big stone house towered over a pond. Around it there was a big beautiful park and a good garden. The peasants of Oreshkovo worked on the fields of the baron. Struve gave those seeds of bread, potatoes, millet, buckwheat and other cultures on credit.
After revolution 1917 baron threw his manor and left for foreign countries with his family. They say there was an underground secret passage from the manor to a secret underground room somewhere in the park. Leaving his manor Struve could not take all his property with him. So he brought the bid white piano, beautiful oak furniture and some golden things to that secret room. The manor was used as a library. Some old people say the saw the entrance to the passage when they were children. But nobody managed to get inside. Once there was a fire and the manor was burnt. On that place a school and a house of culture were built in 1986. Some time ago a descendant of Struve came to Oreshkovo and digged through the park. But he found nothing. He said his grandpa had left the plan but the family lost it. People hope to find some day this secret camera. It is not a fairy-tale. Children who often played in the park found some coins from that time.
Welcome to Oreshkovo!


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