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Troitsk, Moscow Region

Базарова Ольга Леонидовна,
учитель английского языка.
МАОУ «Гимназия им. Н.В. Пушкова»,
г. Троицк, Московской области

I wrote these poetic lines for the 30th anniversary of Troitsk when it got the status of a scientific town.

Welcome to scientific Troitsk!
Our town isn’t big:
It is very close to Moscow,
You can get there very quick.
It is young, it’s only thirty
But it’s known pretty well.
If you want to know it better,
I am willingly to tell.

The surroundings of the town
Beautiful and picturesque
There’s plenty of deep forest –
We can have a deep breath.
The inhabitants of Troitsk
Try to keep our landscape clean –
Not to litter our ground,
Planting trees and make streets green.

The computer center Baitik
Is the favourite pastime
For the people of all ages
Between 5 and 99.
Boys and girls of our town
Like some military games:
They can shoot and they can wrestle,
We are proud of their strength.

You can listen jazz and choir
Or a children’s performance,
Look at gracious ballet dancers,
And the show of street break dance.
Unforgettable impressions
You will get in case you go
Watching pictures of the painters
In the Town Picture Show.

We have winners in the bobsleigh,
In the chess and in football;
And for those who’s fond of skiing
There’s a track in our woods.
There are two big pools for swimming
And some tennis courts to play,
Cheerleaders always winning,
Judo’s popular today!

Seven physic institutions
Busy with some science research:
Making lasers, forecast weather,
Doing nuclear research.
Schools prepare kids for future
Go to untrodden trends,
Be good sailors in the fortune,
Don’t forget your dearest friends!


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