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The Lilac Garden

Moscow, East Administrative District,
Severnoye Izmaylovo
Author: Grodskaya Anastasiya Y.,
4th «А» form, Progimnasium # 1749
Teacher: Chunina Elena V.

My name is Nastya Grodskaya. I am 10 and I like flowers very much, but especially I like Lilac.

I live in Moscow in the Izmaylovo district which is near the Sireneviy Boolvar (or Lilac Boulevard) that is not far from the Sireneviy Sad (or Lilac Garden). In spring it is a great pleasure for me to walk along the Lilac Boulevard and to look at the blooming flowers of different colours. They are so glorious and they smell so strong and nice! So I admire them. Besides there are many Lilac bushes near my house too.
Leonid Kolesnikov, a muscovite, was a creator of the Lilac Garden and the Lilac Boulevard. He was born on May 18, 1893 and he died on January 28, 1968. He took part in the Great Patriotic war and was badly wounded. He breed hundreds of new sorts of Lilac which are widely known in Russia and abroad. They decorate the Buckingham Palace Royal Garden in London, a number of royal gardens in Canada, the Tainitskiy Garden in the Moscow Kremlin and many parks and gardens all over the world. But most of them were lost unfortunately.
In 1954 Leonid Kolesnikov initiated a nursery garden on Schyolkovskoye schosse, in 1960 this garden became famous as the Lilac Garden. Initially the garden occupied an area of 7 hectares. There were 32 sorts of Lilac and a beautiful fountain. Later a boulevard near the Lilac Garden where Leonid Kolesnikov planted his Lilac together with schoolchildren was named the Lilac Boulevard.
I am so glad that I live near such beautiful places like the Lilac Boulevard and the Lilac Garden. And I appreciate Leonid Kolesnikov for his work because it helps people to rest and enjoy the nature for so many years.


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