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Moscow, IZMAYLOVO, interesting facts

Краснов Андрей Денисович,
ГБОУ Прогимназия №1749
с углубленным изучением английского языка.
Ученик 4 «А» класса,
преподаватель английского - Чунина Елена Викторовна

I would like to tell you about one very interesting place located on the East of Moscow near my house. It is a place where my family and I like to spend free time and have fun. Izmaylovo is a historical part of Moscow, the ancestral land of the Romanov noble family. The history of the village of Izmaylovo goes back to 1389. Since the days of Ivan the Terrible it was an estate of boyars in the Romanov family. In 1654, it was inherited by Alexis of Russia, who built an château on an artificial island around 1664—1690. At about the same time, in 1671—1679, a medieval church was rebuilt into Church of Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. The château was later expanded by architects Konstantin Thon and Mikhail Bykovsky into Izmaylovo Estate. It survived the fire of 1812, and is now an outdoor tourist destination.Peter the Great grew up in Izmaylovo and had been known for sailing a small boat which he discovered in the storage of his great grandfather Nikita Romanov. This boat is now in Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg, and is credited as the "grandfather of the Russian Navy". Izmaylovo was 121 homesteads comprising 753 people. The village continued to grow slowly until the October Revolution, when the buildings were confiscated and given to laborers. In 1924, a part of Izmaylovo became known as Bauman township, named after the Russian revolutionary Nikolay Bauman.In 1935, Izmaylovo became a part of Moscow. In 1980, a group of hotels was built near the Partizanskaya metro station to accommodate visitors of the 1980 Summer Olympic games in Moscow. Almost a half of its territory is occupied by Izmaylovsky Park, which, with an area of 12 square kilometers , is one of the largest urban parks in the world and is about 3.5 times the size of the Central Park in New York. Serebryanka River, which flows through the park, is the main river in the district. Near the Izmaylovo Estate there is a newly-built wedding complex build in the style of a medieval Russian citadel. It is built in a pseudo-Byzantine style, based loosely on what palaces in Russia looked like in pre-Petrine times, but more inspired by drawings of Russian fairy tales. There is a reconstruction of a wooden Russian church that used to dot the Russian countryside before the Russian Revolution but it is not used for weddings. There is also a big market- Izmaylovo Market. Hundreds of vendors selling everything from novel souvenirs to expensive jewelry will tempt. Izmaylovo Market has a ground level and two upper levels. Often the vendors make their products themselves or contribute to a family business. It is a joy to chat with these people who lovingly wrap their little treasurs so that you can take them home safely. Not only they will sell you their painted folk art or embroidered aprons, but they will give you story to accompany each. I like so much this place in Moscow! It is a place where you can walk, ride a bicycle, swim, skate in winter. And at the same time this place is the place of our history, and it is really worth seeing. It is very beautiful there.


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