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Moscow, Pashkov House

Borovikova Alena Sergeevna,
progymnasium № 1749
The pupil of 3rd class “A”,
the English teacher - Chunina Elena Viktorovna.

Fairy Castel has named Pashkov house by German traveller Rihter in XVIII century. No doubt, the white building which located on the Vagankovskii hill opposite the Kremlin looks like the house from a fairy tale. I have seen it many times walking in the centre of Moscow. It was build for P. Pashkov, a retired Captain Lieutenant of the Semenovsky Regiment and the son of Peter the Great's batman in 1784—1786 year. Probably the project was made by famous architect V.I. Bajenov.
Pashkov house - one of the greatest Neoclassical buildings of Moscow. One main facade facing to the road looks solemn and the other facade - oriented to the courtyard, looks more homelike. To the right and left from the main entrance depart two galleries ending in two-storied Service wings. The main building has colonnaded porticos on both sides.The usual methods of classical style. Pashkov house has a long history. The building was destroyed partly by the fire of 1812 year. Even the Moscow administration helped Pashkov family to reconstruct the house as a great building of Moscow. The authors of restoration were famous architects - O.I. Bove, S.I. Melnikov. And in the 1986 year when the metro station, "Borovitskaya" had been constructed, it was on the verge of destruction.
Many years ago there were a nice pond with stones and a beautiful English garden in front of Pashkov house. Citizen liked to walk there. In 1839 The Pashkov house was bought for Moscow University. The 4th city grammar school was located there since 1852 year. Later the building became the Rumyantsev Museum with rare collections from St. Petersburg and the library. From this place began the history of the Lenin Library – the most important library of our country.
Many stories tell about this place. It is one of the key locations described by Mikhail Bulgakov in his novel “The Master and Margarita”. The depths of the Vagankovsky hill under the Pashkov House are one of several possible locations of the legendary library of Ivan the Terrible. For many years a wonderful palace of white stone has amazed people and is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings of our city. I like to look at this fairy building and think about its history.


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