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Карякина Алёна,
ученица 9 класса МБОУ СОШ№2 им. М.И. Третьяковой
села Доброго Липецкой области
Учитель Бахаева Татьяна Николаевна

My native village Dobroye is situated 40 kilometres nort-east from Lipetsk and is bounded with Tambov region. When people came here, they decided to call it “Dobry” because the place was very nice for settling. The most remarkable thing about Dobroye is without doubt its nature. It stands on the Voronezh river. Some people believe the Voronezh river to be the cradle of the Russian navy. When Peter the Great began the Azov campaign, he ordered to make special shipyards on the Voronezh. So, the first boats and small ships of Russian navy were constructed in Dobroe. There is a special sign in the memory of it.
Today our river is the favourite place for many people. I like it very much. It is wonderful at any time and any season. The village is surrounded with forests. Most of them are pine forests, but oak, maples, rowans, limes, birches, poplars and firs grow there too. Our forests are very rich in berries and mushrooms. On the meadows and in the forests you can see a lot of flowers: snowdrops, violets, lilies of the valley, bluebells. On the bank of the Voronezh there is a reserve. Here live elks, deer, otters, beavers.
A lot of people like to spend their vacation in our district. The landscape of our village is very picturesque. Though Dobroye has changed much in the last decade and today it doesn’t look like an old traditional village, you can enjoy the beauty and calm of Russian nature. The river gives you the opportunity to swim and fish. The air is fresh, and the people are hospitable. Welcome to Dobroye and you’ll see how beautiful my native village is!


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