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Nobels’ manor in Landashevka

Назаренко Елена, 9 Г класс
МБОУ “Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 10”
Учитель – Кондратова Елена Владимировна

Landashevka is a settlement near Vyborg. It’s situated in Leningrad region. The village is also called Alakirola, which is the old Finnish name of the area.
The former Finnish village had been located on the bank of Finnish gulf up to 1939. For the first time it was mentioned in the middle of XVI century. In 1708, during the Northern war, it has been completely destroyed by Peter’s I armies. In 1894 a southern part of the Alakirola was given to Edla Nobel, Ludwig Nobel’s widow. By the beginning of XX century The Nobel’s manor had been expanded and included several neighbor farms. The old miner house had already started to collapse by then. Then the madam decided to build a new private residence … and she did it. The residence was constructed according to Gustav Hustrem’s design. In 1903-1904 according to local residents’ reminiscences the Nobel’s private residence looked like a royal palace. The Nobels were Sweden citizens, so the Swedish flag fluttered on a tower of the new house.
In February, 1940 the village was burned, and The Nobels private residence was blown up by receding Finnish forces. The new brick building with a high tower, constructed in 1903-1904, became the main work of professor Njustryoma in Kirola, but it was also destroyed during the war.
Today we can see only some remainders of outhouses, stables and two servants’ houses, where some people are living. Local authorities promised to reconstruct the residence and I hope it will happen as soon as possible.


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