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The walking through the forest

Мурадов Тарлан, ученик 8 класса,
МБОУ ДОД Центр Дополнительного Образования Детей
Уярского района, Красноярского края
Ясинская Анна Владимировна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ ДОД ЦДОД «Пионер» Уярского района, Красноярского края

I like going to the forest. It is a very interesting occupation. So I want to tell you about our forest. More than half of our forest is necessary of larch, 12 % on a pine and more 9 % is on a cedar, about 17 % on a fur-tree and a fir. The forest of the region consists of coniferous breeds about 88 %.
We have many useful plants, for example: a celandine, a plantain, a dog rose and others. The celandine is imperceptible, it has bright yellow flowers. Long ago people have deduced warts and other skin outgrowthes by its burning lacteal juice. The plantain is known for everybody from his childhood. I think that everybody can put a leaf to grazes and scratches to stop blood. A plantain is the big valuable herb possessing blood restore, anti-inflammatory and wound heal action. It grows everywhere, in all continents. It has been nicknamed «the trace of the white person» in America, because the plantain has won an epoch of gains itself.
The cowberry is national medical means at a gout, rheumatism, hypertensions, against stones in kidneys, at some gastric diseases. Cowberry water has laxative an effect. They recommend a boiled cowberry with honey at tuberculosis of lungs. The cowberry is a fine antiseptic, diuretic and astringent. The cowberry should be used carefully, especially at nephrites. People collect leaves before flowering under snow, a berry in September for treatment, infusion of leaves: 2 spoons on a boiled water glass to apply 1/3 items 3 times in a day. Nentses use leaves for rubbing at a radiculite. People can apply a broth of leaves at quinsy and at a headache. Many people especially in the north use dry leaves of a cowberry for the preparation of black tea.


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