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The Baikal – the Blue Heart of Siberia

Belskaya Darya (Бельская Дарья) 9 класс;
Karluk secondary school
(МОУ ИРМО Карлукская СОШ Иркутского района)
Учитель английского языка Отчесова Мария Вениаминовна

Is there anybody who doesn’t know what the Baikal is? I think there are no such people. But if you are told, “I know everything about Lake Baikal”, don’t believe them, it’s impossible. Nowhere in the world have you faced such great distinction in climate, weather conditions, lay of land and flora simultaneously around one lake.
So, one can speak about the Baikal for a long time, every place for having a rest is really unique in its own way. You can get much useful information about this place in numerous official guidebooks, but to feel the real energy of this lake you should come and see everything with your own eyes.
The Baikal is called The Blue Heart of Siberia. It’s the deepest lake in the world and its maximal depth is about 1620 meters long. 10 percent of world reserves of fresh water are contained in the Baikal. The Baikal feeds 336 rivers with water and only one river flows from it – its daughter the Angara.
There is one nice legend about the Baikal and The Angara. “The Angara fell in love with the Yenisei but her father the Baikal was against that love. So, young lovers decided to run away from the Baikal. Having noticed that, the Baikal threw a very big stone to stop them. Since then there is a huge stone called Shaman-Kamen at the Baikal. People often come to visit this place connected with different legends and believes.


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