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Дондокова Эржэна Баяровна
Забайкальский край, Дульдургинский район
Село ДульдургаМБОУ СОШ, 11 класс
Учитель Косякова Елена Александровна
“Сагалгаан-праздник «Белого месяца»”

In our village we celebrate the holiday Sagaalhan. It is the national holiday of native people –Buryat. In Buddhist tradition celebrating of New Year is in different years spent between at the end of January and in the middle of March, on the first spring new moon of the lunar calendar. Date of a meeting of New Year on a lunar calendar annually calculate under astrological tables. «Sagaalgan» translated as "White Month". It is a celebration of white dairy foods, respect elders, a symbol of renewal man and nature, openness and purity of thoughts, hopes and good expectations.. This white food symbolizes prosperity, purity of thought, health, and happiness.
Sagaalgan has a long tradition. It is closely connected with the Buddhist worldview and reflects the spiritual basis in the life of Buddhists Characteristic element of the festival is also a rite “Dugzhuuba”, which is held in the Dustan This is a spiritual purification ceremony conducted in order to safely move from year to year old new by getting rid of the burden of last year's troubles, sins and miseries.
Young people and elder people extend their hands, palms up. The elder people put his hands palms down on the top. It should look as if the young people support the elder people for the elbows. This is a deeply symbolic gesture, signifying readiness to support the young are always older in life. But if a man and woman the same age, the woman is younger. On the top of it in the palm of his right hand or to put his hands joined gift. Giver and the receiver must necessarily be in the headgear and face each other. If you receive the gift, you take it sitting with both hands. After celebrate the people a holiday must visit an astrologer. They learn about the peculiarities of the year for themselves and their children;


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