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The Symbol of Friendship

Zhambalova Gunselma -
a pupil of the 11th grade,
Aginsk secondary school№2,
Ayusheyeva Olga Andreyevna – a teacher of English

Our Aginsk Buryat okrug is famous and unique in many things but I would like to introduce the most unusual and original sight of our native place. This unique sculpture is called Balance» or «The four Friendly» according to the Buddhist parable. The composition is situated near my school №2.
The author of the sculpture is D.B. Namdakov. The first exhibitions of his sculptures were organized in 2000. He is famous in Russia and abroad. People buy his creations for personal collections and they are kept in museums. This composition depicts a famous Buddhist sculpture «Tunshi», based on the ancient parable. The parable says that many years ago there was a big tree with juicy fruits. All animals liked to eat them, but most of all an elephant, a monkey, a hare and a bird. They easily picked fruits from the tree, on the ground. Years passed, the tree went on growing, the animals were getting older. They couldn’t move fast as it was earlier and it became difficult for them to find fruit as they were only left on the top of the tree. The animals came to an agreement that they could rise in the form of the pyramid on each other and pick fruits from the upper top of the tree for everybody. The four animals became inseparable friends for ever. This composition symbolizes friendship between people, neigbours, friends. The sculpture is a bit adapted to our land. There is an inscription «Love to native Motherland unites us, a desire for unity gives us strength». D. Namdakov decided to put up this sculpturewith B.B.Zhamsuev, the former Head of Aginsk Buryat Autonomous Area, an outstanding man of our okrug. They expressed all their warm wishes to the people of Aga in this image. And they managed to do it.


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