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An outstanding man of my okrug

Tsydenov Timur - a pupil of the 11th grade,
Aginsk secondary school№2,
Ayusheyeva Olga Andreyevna – a teacher of English

Aldar…this name means Glory. And it is very symbolic. A nineteen years old younger, a bit elder than me, a sailor of the military service of the Pacific navy made the heroic deed. The tragedy happened early morning on the 24th of September 2010 when in the machine-section of the ship «The Quick» the fire suddenly broke out. The whole crew, more than three hundred sailors were on board at that time. Aldar immediately understood the danger and he stepped into the fire hell to save the crew and the ship. He had been in the epicenter of the fire for only nine seconds but he managed to finish work to the end. Only the God knows what was he thinking about those nine seconds ! On the 28th of September Aldar Tsydenzhapov died. He made a heroic deed and died like a Hero. His life was very short but at the same time it was very bright. The ancient Buryat genus suffered unforgettable loss.
Aldar was born in the settlement Aginskoye, spent his childhood in his native place and wanted to become a serviceman since his childhood. February 2011. At that memorable month his parents Bator Zhargalovich and Biligma Zydygaevna were in Moscow for three days. It was their first but such a difficult trip to the capital. The President of Russia presented the Star of the Hero of Russia to his parents. The name of the youngest Hero of Russia is immortalized, memorial expositions are opened in Aginsk school№1, in Aginskoye , in Chita, Vladivostok. At the cost of his own life he proved that there is a place in our peaceful life to the heroic deed. Every day at the ship «The Quick» during the roll call his name will always be called the first.


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