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The best sight of my okrug - «Aginsky Datsan»

Tarbaev Bator - a pupil of the 11th grade,
Aginsk secondary school№2,
Ayusheyeva Olga Andreyevna – a teacher of English

“A blue Aga’’, so lovely is called my native Aga, a unique and fascinating place. I consider Buddhism my religion, the basis of peoples’ morals, customs and traditions. So, I would like to tell about one of the most beautiful sights of my okrug -Aginsky Datsan. Throughout the years, almost two centuries, the Aginsky datsan has been a source of hope and spiritual support for all Buddhists of Eastern Siberia. Today this peaceful religion became the integral part of our national life. Our monks and lay people revive Buddhist teachings of peace, harmony and non-violence. By the middle of the 19th century the Aginsky datsan (1811) was esteemed as one of the most significant Buddhist universities. In 1861 the chief lama Galsan Zhimba Tuguldurov founded a philosophy faculty Tsannid-datsan. In 1880 a tantric faculty Dzhud-datsan was opened in the monastery, in 1884 a medical faculty Manba-datsan. The great stupa Braibun Shodon is put there. The School of Tibetan medicine was opened in 1993. The main temple, Tsogchen-dugan (1887), devoted to Shakyamuni Buddha is a unique monument, a masterpiece of the Buryat national architecture. “Aginsky datsan”, the second National Center of Russia proclaims the high responsibility of Buddhists in the sacred cause for promoting peace, social justice and decent life for all human beings.


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