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Volgograd, Nikolai Otrada Street

Шкалева Елизавета,
9 «А» класс МОУ СОШ № 27 г. Волгограда
Руководитель проекта – учитель английского языка
Бойцова Ольга Евгеньевна

Our country is Russia. There is nothing more precious for us than our Motherland.
Russia is a great country. But everybody has his own small Motherland. It is a place where we were born, where we went to school and live. We have a special feeling to these places.
Volgograd is our native town. It has many districts. One of the districts is Spartanovka, where I live and where my school is. There are a lot of streets there and a lot of them are named after great people. I live in Menzhinski Street, my school is in this street too. The central street is Nikolai Otrada Street. I like it best of all. It has the name of our fellow-towns man. He was born in 1918. He went to school in our city. There he worked on Traktor Plant. He started to study in Pedagogigal Institute in Stalingrad, and then he studied in Literature Institute in Moscow. He went to the front and was killed there at the age of 22. He was a poet and left us his young poems. This street is really beautiful; there are many modern buildings, big shops there. There is a park, where we can see walking people.


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