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Suzdal, interesting facts

Ученица 3А класса: Салахетдинова Эльмира Дамировна
Прогимназия № 1749
Преподаватель английского: Чунина Елена Викторовна

I was born in Moscow — the capital of Russia. There are a lot of historical places, monuments and museums in Moscow. In my childhood me with my parents often visited different places of interest in Moscow and many old towns in Moscow region. About one of those towns i would like to tell you a story. Suzdal — is a small town situated in 250 km from Moscow to the east. It is one of the towns of Golden Ring. Population is only about 14000 people. I like this small town from the early childhood, from the very first time I have visited Suzdal with my parents.
When i visit Suzdal I feel an old russian spirit — small wooden houses, narrow streets, ancient monasteries and churches. Suzdal is a magnificent town. I can call him museum-town. There is no industry but there are five operating monasteries, 30 churches, museum of Russian wooden architecture. Until recently, we spent our vacations in hotel "Pokrovskaya" — small wooden houses in the area of operating monastery. This was the best place to feel the spirit of an old russian culture. You can see nuns walking around, visit church worship and to listen how the bells toll.
I like to have a ride around the town on the horses and to admire the river Kamenka. It's very interesting to visit Suzdal during ancient russian holidays such as "pancake week" or Christmas. People celebrate ancient holidays as they were celebrated in the past. You become a member of a great cheerful atmosphere.
I like to visit Suzdal in winter, to breath fresh frozen air, to walk through narrow streets, to admire the pure white snow. I love the spirit of this ancient russian town!


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